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Trimountaine. Why?
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Trimountaine (home) is a web and design shop based in Boston's South End neighborhood, doing work for clients across New England and the northeast. We specialize in building small websites, and also do some print, branding and identity work.

mailing address: 272A Shawmut Ave.
Suite 2
Boston MA

email: info@trimountaine.com

phone: 617.863.0039


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A website should be simple.

why are you here?

Trimountaine. More information here.

Hopefully, because you have a question or two about us. If you don't find the answer here, let us know.

I need a website - that much I know. I'm just not sure how to begin. Where do I start?

Trimountaine is a small web design firm built around the idea that keeping it simple - very simple - is the best idea for many people who need websites.

We take care of everything, from registering your .com name to setting up your email addresses to hosting your site.

We do beautiful, simple, effective design work - by listening to you, working with your ideas, and helping you organize your content for the web.

And finally, we make sure our work is affordable.

So who, exactly, is Trimountaine building websites for?

We're focused on helping people get simple, perfect websites.

Here are some of people we're set up to help:
artists, bands and musicians, families, small organizations, museums, galleries, schools, book stores, record shops (and other independent and niche shops), restaurants, "mom & pop" stores, boutiques, villages and towns, event organizers, photographers, designers, writers and bloggers, craftsmen, artisans, lawyers, doctors, contractors, mechanics, repair shops (and other small businesses).

We're adding new categories all the time - let us know if you think you might fit the Trimountaine website model.

What sites have you done?

We're really proud of our work for the Duane Wrecking (a medium-sized business), the Electrolux Combo (a great band), and the Canine Kitchen (a small business).

I don't have a huge budget to work with - and I don't even know the going rate for this stuff.

Web design pricing can be tricky. We've seen people with modest needs priced out of high-end design work, and yet not happy with their lower-priced options.

Red tape is another concern. Paying for web design work is often separate from domain registration fees, which are separate from hosting costs... for good reason, many people need help putting all of these pieces together. They don't want legwork or technical headaches; they just want a website.

That's why we're here. $605 gets you a fully-designed three-page site, your own .com name, 10 email addresses, and hosting for one year. It also includes areas you'll be able to update yourself (to make sure your site stays fresh), and a one-month "tweaking" period after your site is live, so we can make sure everything is exactly right. Most importantly, we take care of every technical detail, and explain everything to you on your terms.

We also offer "a la carte" options to expand the basic website package (like blog and photo-gallery integration, to name a few), usually for $100 to $200 more.

I know of a few people who make websites - what makes Trimountaine different?

For one, we believe that for most people, websites should have three pages. No more, no less. It's the perfect way to focus visitors' attention and funnel them towards your ultimate goal - to make something happen. Whether that something is to have visitors listen to your music, or to make a purchase online, or to simply find your business' phone number, we know how to drive visitors' attention to it.

We don't make big websites - in fact, if you're convinced you need a large site, Trimountaine is probably not right for you. And if we're not a good fit, we'll let you know - we can even recommend great developers who do advanced work. Trimountaine doesn't take on big projects so we can focus exclusively on building perfectly simple websites.

Another thing that makes us different: We always talk with our customers before we build to find out what, exactly, they'd like their website to "do", even if it's something simple (like telling the world you're out there). In almost every case, going "simple" is the key to a useful, successful website.

What do I get for $605? How much will it really cost?

You'll be fully up and running for $605, including a three-page site (with areas you can update), up to 10 email addresses, and hosting for one year. Special requests are usually on the order of $100 to $200 extra. After the first year, hosting costs average $100 per year. (Of course, you'll own your site and can always move it to another host at no charge. We'll even help!)

I already have some things to work with - colors, a logo, and some design ideas. Can you take direction?

Absolutely. Helping organizations that already have identities is a big part of what we do. We can use your colors, logos, fonts, and business rules to make sure that your new website fits in perfectly with your identity.

Even if you only have some design ideas, or a general sense of what you'd like your site to look like, we can help bring them to life.

So if I already have a site, can I "start over"?

Yes. We can start work on a new site from scratch, or modify your exisiting site. When the site is ready, we can handle the switch. We can even take over the hosting of your current site while we build you a new one. Either way, it's a seamless process.

I need a site that I can change and update over time. How does that work?

Giving you the ability to keep your site current is a standard part of the Trimountaine website package. We'll work with you to chose areas of your site that need updated content, and then build a site that you can update as much as you like. These areas can include things like "News" and "What's New" sections, event calendars, blogs and journal entries. And updating is as simple as writing an email - you won't need any technical knowledge to do it.

Of course, if you have special requirements, we can handle those, too.

Can I sell things online?

Yes. Trimountaine offers some very effective ways to put your products or services online, and to accept payments. We build sites with simple and straightforward online sales areas - we don't build large shopping cart systems, or user accounts. Our site design techniques make it easy to find and buy, without any "intermediate" steps.

Keeping it simple allows us to focus on helping people with modest needs make as many sales they can.

How fast can you build a website?

Most sites are ready within three weeks, and many take even less than that. If you start today, we can likely have your site - designed, hosted, up, running, and waiting for visitors - ready by then. If you tell us a bit about your needs, we can give you a very specific estimate.

Why did you say that a Trimountaine website might not be right for everybody?

Some people want, and need, big websites - full of interactive content, lots of information, and layers of navigation. Others want to do detailed personalization or complex e-commerce. We don't make big, complicated websites - for one, there are firms that do it very, very well already. If you've read this far, you're probably looking for something different.

Trimountaine is focused on building simple, wonderful websites - and nothing else. And we enjoy helping people realize that, in most cases, a simple website is exactly what they need.

My question hasn't really been answered yet - can I find somebody to talk to?

Absolutely. We love answering questions (for free, of course) about your needs and our solutions. You can drop us an email at info@trimountaine.com, and we'll get back to you right away. You can also call (617) 823 7171 to speak to one of the Trimountaine owners directly (probably either Mark or Steve).

If you happen to be near the New York / New England area, we'd be thrilled to meet up in person if you'd prefer.

You can try us out whenever you're ready. Click over to the final page of our site - Go! - and tell us a little bit about who you are and what your situation is. We'll get back to you right away, in person or by email (you pick), to make sure Trimountaine is right for you.

And after that, your new website could be just a few weeks away.

OK - What can I do today to get started?

Get in touch with us here. We're looking forward to it!

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